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2154 Hwy 136 West
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Henderson City-County Airport (EHR)

Don Davis Aviation provides the following services for our Managed Aircrafts:

  • Crew selection, Management and Scheduling Training

  • Crew Payroll Services and Benefits Administration

  • Detailed Monthly Reporting

  • Asset and Financial Management

  • Discounts on Fuel, Maintenance, Crew Training, Hangar and Insurance

  • Maintenance Scheduling and Monitoring

  • Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing

  • Trip Planning and Execution

  • Arrange Catering and Ground Transportation

  • Coordinate FAA Compliance and Maintenance Regulations

aircraft management

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am - Sunset
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 am - Sunset
We are a 24/7 facility, call us if outside our hours of operation.


The efficient care, maintenance and safe operation of an airplane is a complicated set of tasks. People and companies who wish to benefit from owning a private aircraft will typically engage an aircraft management company to handle those logistics. The selection of an aircraft management company is critical to the experience of the aircraft owner as well. Like many businesses today, anyone who can fly a plane and have a website can advertise that they are an aircraft management company. In reality, expert aircraft management is part art, part science, and in all ways based on experience. With over 50 years of aviation experience, and hundreds of satisfied clients, Don Davis Aviation has the history, the experience and the knowledge to provide truly expert aircraft management services for all of your aviation needs.

Contact Don Davis Aviation today to discuss aircraft ownership, schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss the features and benefits of placing an aircraft into our management program or to inquire more about aircraft ownership.

If you use charter services regularly, currently own your own aircraft, or in the process of buying your own aircraft, we have many avenues of assistance in all of these categories.

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Managing and maintaining an aircraft can be a challenging and time consuming task. As a result, Don Davis Aviation has designed an Aircraft Management program that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership while we manage the daily operations. The convenience of having an aircraft flying is a challenging commitment, and its management is a daily task. Don Davis Aviation can relieve you of this burden so you can focus on managing your business and not your flight department. We provide a complete menu of aircraft management services attractive to corporations and individuals. You can enjoy the privileges of aircraft ownership without the time consuming responsibilities of day-to-day administrative, regulatory, and operational complexities. You maintain control and use of the aircraft with complete confidence that you have entrusted your asset to the right company.

Don Davis Aviation offers the convenience of being a full service FBO which allows us to provide our suite of aviation services to our managed customers. The extensive support of all the services at the FBO add up to greater cost efficiencies for our customers. Managed customers at Don Davis Aviation also have the opportunity to put their aircraft into our Charter program which allows the aircraft to generate revenue for its owner. In total, we offer personalized service that results in the cost effective program and a rewarding Aircraft Management experience.