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Henderson City-County Airport (EHR)

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instrument rating

This allows the pilot to fly in marginal weather conditions. Instrument pilots are required to complete 40 hours of instrument training. With the increased ability to fly in some marginal weather conditions, this can potentially lead to less cancelled flights.

commercial certificate

This allows the pilot to fly airplanes for hire. This includes a selection of jobs such as aerial photography or surveying and conducting sightseeing tours. Commercial pilot candidates are required to have at least 250 hours of flight time and 20 hours of commercial training.

When you enroll with us, you aren't just given a seat in a crowded classroom, you're given highly personalized one-to-one training from our professional staff of flight instructors. If you are looking to start a career or you have just always wanted to learn how to fly, Don Davis Aviation can provide you with that training.

We offer training for aspiring Private Pilots all the way up to those looking to pursue a Commercial  Certificate. The training we offer is listed below.

Flight Training

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Private pilot Certificate

This allows the pilot to fly single-engine airplanes without getting paid to do so. Private pilots are required to complete 40 hours of flight training, although the average is 50-70 hours. With a private pilot certificate you may fly single engine airplanes with passengers. The private pilot certificate allows a pilot to fly in fair weather day and night.

why don davis aviation?

Our Staff of Professionally Trained Flight Instructors

  • Our courteous and professional flight instructors look forward to passing their knowledge onto you.
  • Each of our instructors has a passion for aviation and enjoys sharing it.
  • Safety is paramount for all of our instructors, in all of our operations.

Location, Location, Location

  • We are your local flight school - no need to find room and board.
  • Henderson County Airport is an ideal place to learn to fly. You will become comfortable sharing the skies with corporate jets and personal aircrafts.
  • We are based at a non-towered airport, which means less distractions and more flying.
Monday-Friday: 7:00 am - Sunset
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 am - Sunset
We are a 24/7 facility, call us if outside our hours of operation.


Don Davis Aviation offers an introductory flight lesson that lets YOU fly the airplane. You will be taught the basics of flying and will learn how an airplane actually works. During this lesson, you will learn about various components, how the airplane flies, and how to ensure the aircraft is safe for flight. After a flight briefing, you will be given the opportunity to fly with a certified flight instructor around the local area. YOU will be doing most of the flying. After landing you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


CFI (certified flight instructor)

A CFI certificate allows you to teach others how to fly. Most, but not all aviation careers begin with Flight Instructing. A good flight instructor is knowledgeable and has a passion for aviation.


Don Davis Aviation is small enough to be personal, and big enough to be professional.

  • We get to know our students, we know their names and where they are in their training.
  • We work closely with the FAA to ensure compliance with regulations for safety.
  • Our fleet is large enough to make airplanes available.
  • We are flexible with our students.
  • We have an in-house maintenance department.